XLPE 35kv and below insulated power cables, PVC power cables, control cables, electrical equipment application lines, cables and other six categories of cables, involving more than 400 models, specifications more than 20000 kinds.


China's ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 three certification, South Africa SABS, Europe CE etc.

Application fields:

Power system, petrochemical, construction, metallurgy, ship, railway, avi-ation and other industries.


  • Will the cable technical support add value to your project?


    The thing I’d urge you to consider is the amount of cable technical support you may need. Do you know enough about regulatory compliance for instance, or CPR if you’re operating within Europe; can you pick up the phone and speak to experts on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises? How much easier would it be to have access to experts in their field when you have questions about suitability, the installation environment, and electrical characteristics. There’s always a degree of urgency in finding answers so a technical hotline for just those moments can prove invaluable......

  • Where can find 16mm armoured cable manufacturers?


    Jiapu Cable Group is one of 16mm armoured cable manufacturers and ......

  • Spotlight on cables - delivering power and control to critical infrastructure


    Mining operations the world over are reliant on a network of cables to power lighting, equipment, and critical systems, and maintain control and monitoring systems. Reliability is the gold standard sought across any installation, and cables are the backbone of all operations. So when was the last time you took a minute to think about them?





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