Aluminum Clad PBT Tube OPGW Cable

The core of aluminum clad PBT tube OPGW cable adopt the structure of stranding pattern,when the multiple optical fiber PBT tubes are into cable.a layer of seamless aluminum tube will be clad on it which is as the protection tube of optical fiber metal,then stranding one or more aluminum clad steel wires or aluminum alloy wires outside the protection tube.It eliminates the worries about the electrochemical corrosion among different metals and has very high application value.The characteristics are as follows:

Structure characteristics and application

Seamless aluminum tube has uniform texture,consistent with the texture of the whole ground wire aluminum clad steel wire aluminum clad steel wire,no worries about the electrochemical corrosion among different metals

Since the texture and structure of the whole ground wire are uniform,it has good fatigue resistance

Optical fiber of aluminum tube OPGW are exist in PBT tubethe cable core which is clad with a layer of thermal insulation material,with good thermal insulation effect and good protection effect of fiber optics,and short-circuit current has little influence to transmitting performance of fiber optics



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