Will the cable technical support add value to your project?


The thing I’d urge you to consider is the amount of cable technical support you may need. Do you know enough about regulatory compliance for instance, or CPR if you’re operating within Europe; can you pick up the phone and speak to experts on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises? How much easier would it be to have access to experts in their field when you have questions about suitability, the installation environment, and electrical characteristics. There’s always a degree of urgency in finding answers so a technical hotline for just those moments can prove invaluable.


course, technical support must go hand-in-hand with pro-active project management and an all-round focus on the customer so that the whole process from specification to installation is handled smoothly and in a way that gives you confidence. It’s can be a challenge to find a supplier that can step up consistently to deliver that.

Essentially, the message is to not underestimate the importance of cables. It’s worth taking the time to make sure the supplier providing these key connections has taken the time and care to deliver a product that will stand up to the environmental, mechanical, and performance stresses of the installation. After all, a quality, compliant product will mean fewer call-outs for maintenance and a longer lifespan before it becomes due for replacement. Reliability – it’s what it’s all about.


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