Product Description of ACSR


The ACSR is the main application variety in the main line of the power system of our country. In the future a long time, the steel core aluminum strand will still be the main product used in the power grid of our country. This is mainly due to the characteristics of the steel core aluminum strand wire and the design characteristics of the power grid in our country.      

The ACSR is made by twisting aluminum and steel wires and is suitable for overhead transmission lines. It is a steel "core" inside, and the outside is wrapped around the steel core by means of a hinge with aluminum wire.The steel core is mainly used to increase the strength, while the aluminum strand is mainly used to transmit electric energy. 

The ACSR has the advantages of simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, low wiring cost, large transmission capacity, favorable for laying over special geographical conditions such as rivers and valleys, good electrical conductivity, sufficient mechanical strength, and high tensile strength,tower rod distance can be enlarged and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in overhead transmission and distribution lines of various voltage levels.


For high-voltage transmission lines, because of the limited path of the lines, it is impossible to put multiple lines on one path. People have come up with the use of a path, a set of towers, and a number of wires, that is, one line corresponds to multiple lines. The method of the line; For 500KV transmission lines, most of our country adopts the method of hanging four wires. This kind of wire-line method is called the same tower and parallel frame.

The model of ACSR is divided into: JL/G1A JL/G1B JL/G2A JL/G2B JL/G3A

Among them: G1A or G1B refers to ordinary strength steel wire.

G2A or G2B refers to high-strength steel wire.

G3A refers to ultra high strength steel wire.


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