What are the Protective Effects of Cable Shield Layer?


Cables are generally composed of a conductor, an insulating layer, an outer wrap, and an outer sheath. The function of the insulation layer is to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage accidents and ensure the safety of electricity consumption; the function of the outer sheath layer is to reduce the damage and erosion caused by the external environment to the wires and cables; and the inner cladding layer is mainly for protecting the conductors. However, inside the cable, there is also a special protective layer, which we generally call the shielding layer. The reason why the shielding layer exists is mainly:

  1. The shielding effect is that the electrons in the electric field are terminated on the surface of the shield body and are introduced to the ground so as to achieve the effect of separating the electric field, the shielding layer protects the inner cable core of the shielding body from the interference of the external strong electric field, Computer and instrument cables are of great significance.


2. As we all know, the larger the current, the stronger the magnetic field, the stronger the magnetic field, and in order to prevent the generated magnetic field from affecting the surrounding equipment or equipment, the shielding layer is added so as to ensure that the magnetic field does not affect the operation of the external equipment, and the unnecessary trouble is reduced.

3. The shielding layer can also play a certain role in leakage protection. If the cable is damaged during use, leakage occurs, and the shielding layer is grounded so that the current can be led to the ground and has a certain protective effect. At the same time, there is also the role of protecting the cable conductor.

More specifically, the current flowing through the cable during use is generally not large, and the shielding layer can also reduce external signal interference. The main role of this layer of shielding provided by the cable is to shield the cable from external influences. Because the cable transmits signals, which are affected by external influences and fluctuate greatly, a shielding protective layer is added, which in turn protects the inside of the cable. And this is the biggest role of the cable shield.


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